Heart Centered

Tap into your heart’s wisdom…

The heart-mind is our greatest—and often most neglected—form of intelligence.
There is no polarization in the heart. It can hold opposing views—shadow and light, fear and higher awareness. This is the non-duality that mystics teach. It’s the Inclusiveness that the entire world is needing right now.

A heart centered life is a reflective life. A more reflective life resources us for change—be it disruption, loss; our gentle, daily evolutions; or the most magnificent love that comes our way in a holy instant.

We create resilience through heart intelligence. The world needs to be having heart centered conversations.

The opposite of ego centered is heart centered. We’re going from the small, wounded self to the Higher Self. In terms of electromagnetic frequency, the heart chakra’s force is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s. Love is the most powerful intelligence.

Virtues give our lives deep purpose

Virtues are qualities of consciousness. A virtue is a field of light that the Soul emanates.

All virtues stem from the cardinal virtue of Divine Love.

Working to embody a virtue helps to break down all the blockages to the Heart Center. The higher vibration of virtue melts the lower vibration of the ego. Love really is the greatest liberator.

A meaningful life is not always predicated on how we feel.

Energy follows thought. We best use our thoughts to create ease and beauty.

Suffering begins and ends in the mind.

Divine Love

Whether you’re exhausted in reaching for joy, or wanting guidance on marriage, parenting, anxiety, or overwork… Divine Love can be a daily, healing substance in your life. It can be the whole purpose  of your life. This Virtue is the deeply practical approach to what mystics have been teaching for centuries. It touches on:


  1. The difference between the emotion of “love” and the state of consciousness  that is Divine Love.

  2. Where emotions come from and how to have a more conscious connection with our feelings. 

  3. How your relationship with your Inner Child (subconscious) affects partnerships, communication style, career, and health (yes, everything).

  4. Anchoring to Divine Love for your prayer practice, self-healing, and conflict resolution.

The heart chakra is a portal to Divine Love, and we can approach this majestic topic in a very practical way. Learn to tap that energy field, and you’ll have everything you need to dissolve blocks and glide steadier.

Hello, aliveness.



Compassion isn’t a “soft skill.” It’s courageous, it’s very thorough, and it changes how we walk through life. So all that striving that we do (richer, thinner, smarter, better better better)… that anxiousness dissolves with the practice of self-compassion. And we land on adaptability and freedom.

Compassion creates the cohesion that our psyches and societies are crying for. Compassion IS a skill—of the heart-mind. And we’re here to cultivate it. 

Working with this Virtue, we step out of the feedback loops that keep us striving (and loathing), so we can get present with LIFE FORCE. Compassion illuminates:


  1. How to prevent self love from being co-opted by ego-driven scripts of self-hate.

  2. How to use our struggles to generate higher solutions.

  3. Finding the Divine intelligence behind every action and reaction (yea, even the “unevolved” ones).

  4. How to use our judgements to cultivate unity consciousness.

  5. How your aversion to inner neediness may keep you stuck—and how to dissolve that (which is how wholeness happens)!



Wisdom enriches, expands, and feeds the Soul. Wisdom is resilient. Wisdom leads with ease and compassionate action. Good things tend to follow wise action. But, in order to get to Wisdom, we’ve got to loosen our grip on knowledge a bit. In working with the Virtue of Wisdom, we come to understand:

  1. Sincere spiritual aspiration vs. the distraction of self-improvement.

  2. A SIMPLE method to get back into alignment with your heart—where Wisdom lives.

  3. How to elevate from lower self relational dynamics.

  4. Is it Wisdom? Or just more ego-tripping? How to tell where you’re coming from.

You can’t hear your (Higher) self unless you get still and listen. Just the concept of “stillness” makes some of us panic because society drives, drives, drives us to produce—non-stop. But that just keeps us out of alignment with the actual SOURCE of Wisdom—yours and the universe’s.

School and business teach us to mine the “facts.” Now we’ll learn to tap WISDOM. It will take us much further… with a lot more fun.


For Giving


Have you ever talked yourself out of forgiving someone? Or yourself? You WANTED to let it go, but instead, you gripped, begrudged, and punished yourself (and them)? I know. Because we’re not taught to forgive. 

No matter where you’re at in life, and what you’ve told yourself is, or isn’t, forgivable, it’s not too late. You can free yourself. And them. Move on.

FORGIVENESS gets your LIFE on track. I promise you, it’s one of the greatest ways of becoming free, whole, and truly powerful. FOR REAL. Working with the Virtue of For Giving, we learn:

  1. How to find resolution in relationships that ended years ago, but still feel open.

  2. How to reconcile with past choices you wish you could re-do.

  3. For when all you can muster is blame, we’ll talk a simple path to resolution.

  4. Diffusing the charge of heated situations and restoring compassion.

  5. How to rework your “relationship” with any relationship that’s caught in disharmony.


Loving Kindness


One of the best applications of our free will is to choose higher vibration thinking. Because ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. And choosing LOVING THOUGHTS is an act of Loving Kindness that shifts our lives and our societies. 

Loving Kindness is one of the four cardinal virtues in Buddhism—it goes from the root to the fruit. We can transform our default thinking of doubt and hostility to a steadier stream of kindness and resiliency—and that’s the ultimate freedom from suffering.

Choose thoughts that expand you. Loving Kindness supports us in understanding:

  1. The difference between life-affirming declarations and spiritual bypassing with affirmations.

  2. How to get your manifestation energy out of ego-driven cycles of dissatisfaction.

  3. How to reframe your challenges so you can be freer.




Please don’t “toughen up.” Let Life open you. Especially when the ride gets bumpy… bend. Bow. Stretch. Flex. Rest. Stay soft. Adapt.

Adaptability is the strength of the Soul. It’s the Mother of openness. Courage. Fortitude. And Resilience. It’s how Life perseveres and continues to thrive up against even the most jolting changes. It’s your Truest Nature. It’s where we’re designed to go.

Here's your invitation to let the brittleness, the polarisation, the stuckness… let it all  go. Bend so you don’t break. Expand to move forward. The more we can hold, the more resilient we become.

The Virtue of Resilience teaches us:

  1. The simplest entry point into a resilient heart.

  2. How to stay open and receptive when the ego wants to shut out and divide us.

  3. A simple method to dissolve and deepen mental relaxation.



“Fixing” ourselves is a distraction. When we step out of that small self drama, we see—and do life very differently. Working with the Virtue of Radiance, we can come to understand:

  1. Why the rough stuff isn’t going away anytime soon… and how to use it as fuel.

  2. What to do when heavier experiences (anxiety, panic, fear, etc.) come to visit.

  3. The 2 ways Radiance is cultivated—your peace and the glow of that inner peace.

We can take even greater ownership of our healing process. We can stabilise in The Flow. We can use the challenges to make us more buoyant, instead of brittle. THIS is healing. This is REAL growth.

On the other side of the trial by fire is… your Radiance.


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We tend to place value judgments on our emotions: Endurance and bravery are favoured. “Negative” states like fear and doubtfulness can be stigmatized. 

“Judging our emotions creates clinging and energy stagnancy. You’re not your feelings or emotions. You’re the Soul that experiences the feelings. The trick is to not cling to our feelings, so that life energy and insight can move through us.” – Danielle LaPorte

Feelings are powerful information. Every feeling—when filtered through the heart—helps us to become more conscious. It’s the heart that expands consciousness, not the other way around. 

Based on the Heart Centered work from Danielle LaPorte, this 5 part exploration takes you through reflective exercises to help neutralize judgments you may have around specific emotional states. Then you’ll be guided to release any emotional change and unpack the wisdom within yourself. 

You’ll be exploring: Happiness, Suffering, Peace, and Mental Anxiety.


Befriending Your Emotions: a 5-part process for breaking through to compassion + empowerment

This series is for you if: 

‣ You want to be less reactive (which comes from being more reflective).

‣ You’re ready to put a stop to the looping emotions that sometimes feel like they control you. 

‣ You’re willing to reframe criticism into compassion.

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